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BMW Remote Key fob

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The BMW key fob is packed with handy functions. The fob can not only lock and unlock your doors or open the boot, but in some cases control your windows, start the engine, disable your BMW sensors and more. Keep reading to check out what hidden key fob tricks you can expect.

Opening and Closing the window

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BMW Key Fob function are available in E/F/G-Series models.

To open your windows without entering your BMW, you just simply press and hold the unlock button on your key fob for a few seconds, the moment you release the button, the windows will stop. If your vehicle has a sunroof, you simply keep the unlock button held down for a few more seconds and the sunroof will slowly open until you release the button.

Closing your windows is very straightforward, you just keep the unlock button held for a few seconds until the windows start to close entirely.

With an older BMW model you simple insert the key into the lock and hold it in the lock position until the windows close entirely, if you are also wanting to close your sunroof you just keep the key in the same position for a few more seconds until the sunroof has closed. The is a great feature as it means you don't have to re-enter in the car, start the engine and close all the windows and sun roof.

Mirror folding

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BMW Key Fob Mirror Folding function is available in F/G-Series models.

Another, feature on the BMW, is the ability to fold the vehicles mirrors in when the user presses lock on the key fob. This is a convenient feature as it can be used if your vehicle is parked in a tight space or on a main road and you want to prevent any unwanted damage.

However, only the newest models will have this feature, but older models have the opportunity to program it into their software.

This can be done by going to your 'iDrive' menu, choose 'my vehicle', enter 'vehicle settings', select 'doors and keys', choose 'fold mirrors in when locked' and 'unlock and the end of the trip'.

After adding this coding to the vehicles software the mirrors will fold in when locked and fold out when unlocked.

BMW key blade

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BMW Key Fob function available in F/G/E-Series models.

There is a function that not many BMW owners are aware of, which is the key blade that can be found within the key fob. To find it you'll need to squeeze your fob on the tap on one end and pull your key out. Once you have done that, you will have to find the key slot on the door handle of your BMW. Some are easily visible, but in other cases you will have to look behind the door handle or open a plastic cap, which can hide the slot.

This function can be very handy if the electronics fail, as it will quickly unlock the door and resolve the issue. Another benefit to this function is if the key fob ran out of battery or malfunctions, and you don't have a spare then the key blade will be very useful.


BMW Auto Start Stop Explained - Motor Sport Connections

The start/stop button is available on the newer BMW's, the main purpose of the button is to save fuel. The feature is automatically activated every time you get in and start the car. 

If you don't like this feature, you can deactivateit, by pressing a button on the dash; however, the next time you turn the car off and start it again (with the key), the start/stop system will kick in.

Memory Hot Keys

Programmable Memory Buttons | BMW Genius How-To - YouTube

There is a hidden feature within the BMW's memory hot keys, most people think they're used to choose a radio station. However, they can be programmed to link with your contacts, navigation destinations and settings. For example, when press one of the memory hot keys, it can be programmed to take you to your home destination (or a destination you regularly travel to). Once this is programmed, and you press the button, it will immediately start the navigation to the programmed destination.