Image of Audi Problems

Audi is a well-known German car manufacture brand that designs, produces and distributes luxury vehicles. However, these luxury vehicles aren't perfect; several Audi problems have been encountered. Here are some of the most common issues that you will come across with your Audi.

Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs - Audi Problems

Spark Plugs supply the spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture, which creates the explosion to produce the engine power. Spark Plugs are the most common problem that occurs in an Audi. A failing spark plug can be noticed when the vehicles start to lose power when accelerating. Decreased acceleration can be a concerning sign for Audi drivers as they could lose their interest and attraction in the high-performance car. If you have noticed a reduced acceleration, then book your vehicle for service to make sure you are driving safely. 

Oil Leaks

Oil Leaks - Audi Problems

Audi engines can be prone to oil leaks; this is something you need to be aware of as oil leaks can cause fires and can damage the vehicle's engine. Oil leaks can arise from broken or damaged oil seals, which can result in changing the seal. Once you've determined an oil leak, you should avoid driving the vehicle for long distances, as it could cause more damage due to the engine heating up and possibly creating a fire. Fixing the leak sooner rather than later can affect the repair cost. 

Timing Belt

Timing Belt - Audi Problems

If you hear a ticking noise coming from the engine, notice an oil leak near the motor, the engine won't turn on or experience exhaust issues, there is a high possibility the Timing Belt is failing, so you will need to seek professional advice quickly. If this issue isn't solved and the timing belt breaks, the engine will no longer work, resulting in heavy damage to the engine with broken or bent valves and possibly a destroyed cylinder. The repair of a timing belt can be costly if left too late. 

Electrical Components

Electrical Components - Audi Problems

Audi's electrical components can occasionally malfunction; fluctuating lights and non-functioning tail lamps are the two components frequently reported as not working and need to be repaired. The good thing is that the mechanism can be easily replaced with original Audi parts that offer a guarantee.
Audi vehicles contain many electrical components, which means there are more opportunities for them to break, which can come at a price since there are many electrical components within the vehicle.

Clunking Sound

Clunking Sound - Audi Problems

Clunking sounds occur when doing a sharp turn, this can indicate a loose or broken tie rod or a sign that your CV Axle Boot is losing its grease. If this is the case, you should book yourself into our garage so our Audi repair experts can fix the issue. If this issue isn't resolved quickly, erosion can develop, which will end up being a far more costly problem to fix.

Exhaust/Emission Problems

Image of Exhaust/Emission Problems - Audi Problems

Some Audi Models experience exhaust/emission Audi problems, which can be caused by a carbon build-up that damages the catalytic converter and the recirculation system. Depending on the model, fixing the catalytic converter could cost up to £1,000, if not more. If the exhaust emission light appears, don't worry too much, it is still safe to drive. However, it is best to find the problem and fix it with a professional. 

If you notice any of these Audi problems with your Audi vehicle, then book your car in for a service here, or contact our garage, so our professional can repair the issue.