Ferdinand Porsche founded the company called "Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH" with Adolf Rosenberger and Anton Piech in 1931. 

Their main offices were at Kronenstra├če 24 in the centre of Stuttgart Germany. Initially, the company just offered motor vehicle development work and consulting and did not build any cars under its own name. One of the first assignments the new company received was from the German government to design a car for the people. That translated into German is where we get the word Volkswagen.

This resulted in the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most successful car designs of all time. The Porsche 64 was developed in 1939 using many components from the Beetle.

The Volkswagen Beetle Is a famous design that many people do not realise originated from the designs of the Porsche founder.

Porsche produced several designs for heavy tanks during the war. They lost to Henschel & Son in both contracts that ultimately led to the Tiger I and the Tiger II designs. However, the chassis Porsche designed for the Tiger I was used as the base for the Elefant tank destroyer that saw 91 units made.

At the end of World War II in 1945, the Volkswagen factory fell to the British. Ferdinand lost his position as chairman of the board of management of Volkswagen, and Ivan Hirst, a British Army major, was put in charge of the factory he was known as the saviour of the Porsche Brand. 

During his fathers 20-month imprisonment, Ferdinand Porsche's son, Ferry Porsche had to steer the company through some of its most difficult days until his father's release in August 1947.

Next came the development of the 356 was next, many people consider this to be the first Porsche made as it was the first car this 'new' company had made.

Later on, as the years have gone by, Porsche has grown and developed into the company that we know today. The Porsche 911 is one of their most influential designs that have become a staple in the automotive community.

German Cars are rich with history, some not all that popular, but have stood the test of time and become the respected brands we know today. At German Automotive Ltd. we pride ourselves on our knowledge of german cars and how they work.

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