Brakes are one of the most important parts of any vehicle and the most common replacement we have every week. Brakes are fundamentally important in keeping you safe within your vehicle. 

Failure of the braking system can lead to increased stopping distances, complete brake failures and skidding. This increased the risk of being involved in an accident, risking yourself, your passengers and other road users.

Most modern cars these days are fitted with sensitive, and complex mechanics. You will most likely come across ABS within your car’s manual and will often be a warning light on your dashboard. The ABS controls your car under emergency conditions, using a computer and sensors. 

Brake failures come to us in different stages and the key to saving money with your brakes is to get them fixed as soon as a problem occurs.

What do you need to look for with your brakes? 

What do you need to look for with your brakes? - Brake Failures
  • Squeaking, grinding or high-pitch noises coming from the brakes. 
  • Vibration within your brakes. 
  • Dashboard lights showing, such as ABS light, Brake fluid or brake pad wear signal.
  • A longer stopping distance than usual.

If you have come across any of the above, or you feel that your brakes could be looked at, book them in to be checked immediately. There is no safer way than to be overly cautious with such an important part of your car.

What do we look for when servicing brakes?

Image of What do we look for when servicing brakes? - Brake Failures

There are many components to your brakes that make up the braking system. Not all these may need to be replaced, so we break down each section, looking into the quality and life of each part. 

  • Your brake pads and brake disks will be measured to ensure they are matching your manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Your brake fluid will also be measured and topped up if required as this also plays a big part in your braking system so should not be ignored. 

If you feel that your brakes could be failing, you hear noises within your brakes or a warning light has appeared on your dashboard, please, do not delay. At German Automotive our main priority is that each one of our customers is safe, book in immediately with your local garage. Call us today on 01332 369 300 or email, or book your service online.