Image of Dashboard Warning Lights

We’ve all been behind the wheel when a light pops up on our dashboard resulting in slight panic whilst you contemplate what will need to be fixed. When this happens you may be thinking ‘does this need to be booked in’ or ‘can I carry on?' Most often people will choose the latter and take the stance of just carrying on. However, are you aware of the detrimental effects that this can have on your car? 

The warning lights that can pop up often depend on the type of vehicle you have, and the type of oil your vehicle takes. Most of these lights do not require you to go into a state of panic and are simply an alert that there is part of the car that would require certain attention.

Here are some of the most common warning lights that you may come across;

Engine Management Warning Light 

This warning light can appear for most cars, old or new. Your car is warning you of engine management issues which could be due to several reasons either electrical or mechanical. Ignoring this could cause serious problems further down the line, creating a costly bill for you.

Air Bag Warning Light 

Although an airbag warning light will not affect how your car drives, it is vital that you get it checked out. An airbag warning light can indicate that there is a malfunction within the system, meaning, it may not deploy when needed if you were to crash or it could even deploy while you are driving. 

Brake Lights

Not one to be missed or ignored, the brake light indicates a fault within the braking system which could lead to causing an accident and putting your safety at risk, as well as the safety of other road users. It is important to book in your vehicle as soon as this light shows to avoid any danger. 

Ad-Blue Refill 

An important light for diesel car owners, if your Ad-Blue runs out your engine will not start, so this is not one to ignore.

If you have a light show on your dashboard, please don’t delay or hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help.