At German Automotive, Derby, we have the latest official Mercedes-Benz diagnostic star machine, enabling our trained technicians to access and diagnose every control system in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Using this specialist equipment, we can read and erase fault codes, read configurations in each system, stream real-time sensor data, activate sensors and perform coding and software updates.

Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnostics is the exact equipment the main dealer uses, except our services cost a fraction of the price.

The Mercedes-Benz Star machine will diagnose issues with all Mercedes-Benz control units, such as engines ECU, ABS, Airbags, SRS, Aircon, Immobilisers, Keyless entry and other control units.

We will provide you with a full printout report and explain the diagnostic results with our recommended solutions.

Get in touch with our team to discuss or book your vehicle in with GA.