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Car MOT testing

The Ministry of Transport test, commonly referred to as an MOT, is an annual check carried out in order to assess whether a vehicle meets the minimum safety and environmental standards.

If you have a vehicle that is more than three years old, you are legally required to make sure it remains in roadworthy condition, as set out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

The testing process itself involves checks in and around the vehicle, including the interior, exterior and underneath the bonnet. Class 4 tests are the most common, and these cover cars with up to nine seats, private passenger vehicles with up to 12 seats, 4x4s, vans, three-wheeled vehicles, ambulances, taxis and more.

At German Automotive, Derby, we specialise in German cars, so when you bring your car in for an MOT, you can feel reassured that your vehicle is in good hands.

You can book your MOT test up to 30 days before your current certificate runs out, and any remaining days will be automatically added to your new certificate.

MOT testing FAQs

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What is included in an MOT test?

An MOT (Ministry of Transport) test, also known as a vehicle inspection or MOT test, is an annual examination conducted in the United Kingdom to assess the safety, roadworthiness, and environmental standards of vehicles. During an MOT test, several components and systems of the vehicle are inspected.

The MOT tester verifies the vehicle's registration plate, and other essential details, then typically checks other key areas listed below:

Registration plate
The MOT tester will check the condition, security, legibility and the format of letters and numbers on your registration plate. The spacing and lettering on the number plate must meet current regulations and should not be altered in any way.
The mirrors on your vehicle are checked during the MOT test for condition and security.
Lights and signals
The functionality and alignment of the headlights, taillights, indicators, brake lights, fog lights, and other exterior lights are checked. The test will also check to see if the headlamp aim is correct.
Steering and suspension
The MOT tester will examines the condition and effectiveness of the steering system, including the steering wheel, column, and rack. They also inspect the suspension components for wear, damage, or corrosion.
Wipers and washer bottle
During the MOT the tester will check your vehicle’s windscreen to check for damage or cracks that could impair the driver’s view. The wipers and washers are checked for functionality.
During the MOT the tester will check your vehicle’s windscreen for any chips or cracks. The maximum damage size is 10mm in the drivers’ line of vision or 40mm elsewhere in the remaining area swept by the wiper blades.
The MOT test the horn to ensure it produces a suitable audible warning sound.
All seatbelts including those in the rear of the vehicle are checked for type, condition, correct operation and security and that all compulsory seatbelts are in place.
Exhaust System
The MOT test checks your exhaust emissions, to ensure compliance with the environmental standards and that the exhaust is complete, secure, without serious leaks and silences effectively.
Fuel system
The fuel system is checked during the MOT test for leaks, secure mounting, and proper functioning of the fuel system components, including the fuel cap.
The MOT tester will check that the doors open and close correctly and that the latch is secure in a closed position. Front doors should open from both the inside and outside of the vehicle. Rear doors may need to be opened to gain access to testable items like rear seatbelts.
Body and Vehicle Structure
The overall condition of the vehicle’s body, doors, chassis, and other structural components is checked for for excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas of the vehicle.
Wheels and tyres
The MOT tester will check the vehicle’s wheels and tyres for the condition and tread depth to ensure they meet the legal requirements. The wheels and their fixtures are examined for damage or distortion.
The MOT tests the efficiency of the vehicle’s braking system, including the pedal, discs, pads, shoes, hoses, and hydraulic components, is inspected for proper operation and sufficient braking performance.

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