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We have invested in the latest leading manufacturers’ advanced diagnostic equipment, including the advanced technology used by Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen Group’s technicians.

Our manufacturer-trained technicians can detect and diagnose any fault with your vehicle, from warning lights and electrical issues to complex engine and gearbox problems.

A car diagnostic test helps identify any issues with your vehicle, even if it's not showing any warning lights or symptoms, which can often help avoid any potentially expensive repairs in the future.

Typically, diagnostic tests check your vehicle’s engine management, transmission, ignition coils, throttle, exhaust and brakes.

Depending upon the age of your vehicle, ECUs can also provide information about lights, tyres and comfort controls.

A series of sensors all around the vehicle report problems to the ECU, such as increased engine temperature or low fluid levels, which in turn illuminates warning lights or error messages on the dashboard.

The advanced diagnostics technology GA has not only reads the codes and interprets the faults, but it can also provide information on any remedial work required to fix a problem that has been detected.



Mercedes-Benz Star Machine
A specialist hardware scanner that can diagnose and troubleshoot problems and read and erase fault codes on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles
ODIS Audi / VW Group Diagnostic Tool
Diagnostic tool includes adding/coding keys, replacing ECUs and control units, performing software updates, accessing technical bulletins (TPI)
BMW Condition Based Servicing (CBS)
An intelligent maintenance system which actively analyses data and monitors the degree of wear and tear on your BMW

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Car Servicing

An annual service ensures that your vehicle is safe, reliable and in good working order. Your mileage and frequency of use will determine whether you need an interim car service or a full car service.

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MOT Testing

Any vehicle over 3 years old requires by law to have an annual MOT test. MOT tests are necessary to ensure that every vehicle meets the minimum safety standards acceptable for it to be roadworthy.

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Our manufacturer-trained technicians use the very latest repair techniques, genuine parts, paint and specialist equipment that meets strict brand requirements.

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German Automotive provides specialist services carried out by our highly qualified manufacturer-trained technicians.

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