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Tyres & Wheels

If your vehicle feels unusual or you have noticed that your vehicle has started to pull to the left or right when driving, this usually means that your wheels may need aligning, but it could also be indicative of several underlying issues.

Wheel Alignment Issues
Incorrect wheel alignment is a common cause of a car not driving straight. If the wheels are not aligned properly, it can cause the car to pull to one side or another.

Tire Problems
Uneven tire pressure or uneven tire wear can lead to steering problems. If the tires have significantly different levels of wear, it can cause the car to drift to one side.

Wheel Imbalance
If the wheels are not balanced correctly, it can cause vibrations and affect the car's ability to drive straight.

If you are experiencing any issues, book an appointment, and one of our experienced mechanics will run tests to identify the issue.

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Proudly repairing German cars

We specialise in all German and high-specification makes and models and our workshop is equipped with all the very latest digital diagnostic equipment.

Services we offer

Car Servicing

An annual service ensures that your vehicle is safe, reliable and in good working order. Your mileage and frequency of use will determine whether you need an interim car service or a full car service.

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MOT Testing

Any vehicle over 3 years old requires by law to have an annual MOT test. MOT tests are necessary to ensure that every vehicle meets the minimum safety standards acceptable for it to be roadworthy.

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Our manufacturer-trained technicians use the very latest repair techniques, genuine parts, paint and specialist equipment that meets strict brand requirements.

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Our Services

German Automotive provides specialist services carried out by our highly qualified manufacturer-trained technicians.

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