Fitting genuine parts into German cars is essential to maintain their performance, quality, reliability and safety.

While non-genuine parts may initially be cheaper, in real terms they can compromise the performance and safety of the vehicle, leading to costly repairs and potentially dangerous situations.

German cars are renowned for their precision engineering, superior performance and luxurious features.

Below we highlight the importance of fitting genuine parts and the benefits that come with them.

Quality and Reliability
German car manufacturers have earned a reputation for producing vehicles that are reliable and long-lasting. This reputation is due to the quality of the components used in these vehicles. Genuine parts are designed and manufactured to meet the exact specifications of the car, ensuring that they fit perfectly and function correctly. This means genuine parts are more reliable and durable than their aftermarket counterparts.

German car manufacturers put a lot of effort into designing safety features for their cars, and these features depend on genuine parts to function correctly. Fitting non-genuine parts can compromise the vehicle's safety, putting the driver and passengers at risk. Genuine parts ensure that safety features such as brakes, airbags, and sensors work correctly, providing maximum protection in the event of an accident.

Another advantage of fitting genuine parts is that they have a warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty ensures that any defects in the part will be covered, providing peace of mind to the car owner. If a non-genuine part fails, the vehicle owner will need to bear the cost of repairing or replacing the faulty part.

Resale Value
Using genuine parts will also help maintain the resale value of a German car. Potential buyers are often willing to pay more for a car that has been maintained with genuine parts, as they know that these parts are of higher quality and likely to last longer.

Here at German Automotive, we invest heavily in ensuring our technicians and engineers are manufacturer-trained in maintaining and repairing our customer’s vehicles. By using genuine parts, car owners can ensure that their car is being serviced by experts who have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix any issues correctly.