As Audi car owners we know how much you like your luxury cars, so we have put together a list of some of the tips and tricks that we think will help your driving experience.

Please keep in mind some of these tricks are only available on certain models of Audi so if you have an older car some of these tips and tricks may not work.

Key Fob Shortcuts

By pressing and holding the unlock button for 2/3 sec all the windows and mirrors, including the sunroof if you have one, will open. Then when you want to close them back up, press the lock button for 2/3 seconds.

Window pinch

Press and hold the window up for 5 sec, press down instantly to open the window all the way and hold for 5 sec while it is down and instantly close again and hold all the way to the top the pinch control is now stored.

Throttle Body Alignment

Insert the ignition key and turn it before the starter motor is engaged, push the accelerator to the floor wait 3 sec turn the key all the way back but do not remove it. Release the accelerator and wait for 2 minutes, then remove the key put it back in and start. The car you should notice a better response when pressing the accelerator (do this action every few weeks)

Passenger wing mirror auto tilt

Move the wing mirror switch on the driver's door to the passenger adjustment position. Then put the car in reverse and as soon as you do you should be able to see the mirror tilts down and shows you the kerb. (May does not work on some cars depending on model and age)

Climate control

Hold the auto button on the driver's side for 4 seconds and release. Now you should be able to control both temperatures with the driver side + & - buttons.
To reset and revert back to individual control just use the passenger + & - button

Instrument display toggle

Turn on and off the instrument display by pressing the reset button twice.


On the radio press and hold the menu button till you get to the Nav/ Radio or something menu and turn it all the way to zero position and press the button again the system has been de-based and the Bass is loud.

Luggage hanger in boot

In the boot of most Audis, There is a hook that is in the top of the boot that you can pull down to act as a handle for luggage or shopping bags that you don't want to move about whilst driving. There is also another spot for a second hanger to be installed if you wish.